About the Artist

Tamiko Braun (b. 1963), Japanese-American

Tamiko Braun a.k.a. TAM!k0 Art is a Munich based mixed media artist whose signature work consists of vibrant colours, 3D effects and textures.  

 The artist is inspired not only by the beauty in everything she sees, feels and experiences but also by the inescapable emotions that are hidden deep within.  Based on her life experiences, she uses these moods to bring her ideas to life by working on various Themes. 

Tamiko pours and plays with colors to give basic elements a new flavor.  Just as famous Chefs create a new taste dimension in dishes, Tamiko produces a new "look & feel" dimension by using not only common mediums such as oils, acrylics, and inks, but also introducing salt, coffee, and recycled materials to aid in creating the right depth and textures in her art.  Her works entail long processes, including various layering and drying periods and even stripping them away to create interesting textures, depth and colors.

Stepping away from Corporate Life, Tamiko turned her lifelong dream of becoming a full-time working artist into a reality and opened her Atelier in 2013. Her self-directed art education includes studying at the Akademie Wildkogel learning from Gabriela Middelmann, Prof. Lalo Srkalovic as well as the teaching of art historian Alexandra KochCalas.

Tamiko has exhibited her work in Germany and Italy and her work is now attracting collectors in North & South America, Asia, and Europe.Calas