Commissions, Consulting - An Epic Journey

How ideas come about in abstract paintings by artist Tamiko Braun.  

This year has been an interesting year visiting various on-site locations and working closely with potential clients and on-going collectors.  

An Epic Journey - A Spark of Life  //  80 x 140cm ( 32 x 55") - mixed media on stretched canvas ©2016TamikoBraun

An Epic Journey - A Spark of Life  //  80 x 140cm ( 32 x 55") - mixed media on stretched canvas ©2016TamikoBraun

One of my favourite pieces completed was done for a client who had decided to make major changes in her life. I had visited her home a few times and based on the lay out of her home, her deco and hearing her life story, where she had been in her life, what she had experienced and where she wanted to be and where she wanted to go, "An Epic Journey" was born and created.  It was inspired by Michelangelo's Creation of Adam.   

If you have a personal story you want to have created and told,  I'd be happy to drop by and brain storm creative ideas on just how we can get that perfect individual artwork up on your walls.  Drop me a line at:

Hanging around...

Been busy gallery prep for my upcoming solo exhibition.  Looking forward to sharing my new works "Emotions - Dear Diary".  Stay tuned for the invites and see you all soon!

Year of the wooden sheep just around the corner...

Happy Holidays   Thanks all for a prosperous year.  We wish you much peace and look forward to welcoming the New Year 2015 in full creativities!  - Love TAM!k0 Art, a.k.a. Tamiko Braun

.. an extra pinch of luck for the coming new year of the wooden sheep. Tamiko's handmade good luck charms are just some of the limited handmade items available for collectors and guests

My new workplace as of Nov 01, 2014

As of Nov 01, 2014 my new Studio & Gallery, Workshop and more in Munich-Haidhausen.  Together with Newsha Javadipour, Jenny Schminke, Birgit Abt, Emmy Horstkamp and myself.

KUNST-WERKSTATT is an artist cooperative located at 59 Steinstrasse in Haidhausen, Munich. We work within shared studio space, organise art-based events and showcase the art of our members, and other local artists, in our gallery. Come in and visit!  

Sneak Preivew of Wu Xing - Open Studio Day

Like a good Japanese, I've master the JIT (Just-In-Time) principles!

 After arduously working months on end, I am very pleased and proud to share with you my newly finished works Wu Xing or "The 5 Elements."  There was a lot of emotions going on whilst creating these pieces.  I'd love to meet with you and answer any questions you might have about these works and processes.  I'd love to show you around my studio too.  

Hot Coffee & Cakes will be plenty and my doors will be open to all from 

  • Fri 15.11 - Thurs 21.11
  • 10:00-18:00 or by appt  (mobil: 0171/55 23 928)

NOTE:  Constructions going on right outside in front so wear warm sturdy shoes. WARNING:  I'll probably look like a mess, covered in paint and sweat but don't let that scare you! Come casual, its a normal working day for me. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, it will be the only chance to view these pieces this year before I take them to Baden-Baden on 22 Nov for an exhibition.

(Read here for more details about my PROCESS)