Time for Reflection

So what are my new objectives this year...

"The Downtown Artist at Large" by © Man One with permission (www.manone.com)

Looking back, I think I must have produced 30+ paintings this past year.  Despite a lot of trials and errors, I was creating and in the flow!  I'm thrilled that many of my works have found wonderful new homes.  That in itself is the greatest compliment and achievement I could ever receive as an artist knowing that my work has touched and inspired another soul.

On a sad note, last week I accidentally got my LEFT pinky caught in a closing subway door and got it broken (totally not cool for a LEFTY) so here I sit at the moment with an oversized cast on my left hand with little ability to move my fingers!  Instead of attempting right-handed painting, I've decided to take a little rest from brushes and canvas but will now focus on another artistic area of interest to me; traveling and photography (I never leave home without my camera. Must be a Japanese thing).

 I'll start my new journey "a new moon, a new place, a new face" in a few days.  My first stop Sri Lanka, then Israel, South Africa....  Looking forward to returning with many new and inspiring ideas.  Happy Trails!  Love you all.  

- Tamiko