Hand-Pulled Art Cards ???

What does my limited original "hand pulled" linoprint art cards means? 

Take a look at my process (see photos below).  After I design and carve out my block, I begin measuring and cutting my linoprint papier.  As I receive orders, I begin hand printing and hand pulling each block prints using high quality Schminke Linoprint color on high quality paper.  When the prints dry and set, I number and sign each print (both in English and with my Japanese HANKO - my signature) and then professionally mount the artwork on either large or small cards and put them together with a soft ridged matching envelope in a protected clear plastic sleeve. After the determined limited amount of print has been reached, I stop any post creation for this particular art piece and will destroy the blocks making the art piece limited and collectables.

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Available in 3 sizes:  Large Cards (14x19cm), NEW! Small Cards (11x17cm) and Postcards 12x16cm.  


According to the Chinese Zodiac, the "New Year of the Brown Earth Dog" characteristic word is ACTION!  So true that this year, my New Years Cards were here early!  This year I've limited them to only 80 prints.  The orders came and went and I now only have 4 left.  THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH for sharing my love with yourselves, your family and friends! 

Year of the Brown Earth Dog Cards/Glückbringer

(February 16, 2018-February 04, 2019)

FACT:   According to the Chinese 12-animal zodiac system, 2018 is the Year of the Dog - succeeding the Year of the Rooster and preceding the Year of the Pig. Chinese New Year takes place on different dates each year because it is based on the lunar calendar.  It is said that as the year ends with an eight, it's been considered an especially lucky year by the Chinese people. This is because in certain Chinese dialects, the sound of the word 'eight' is similar to the sound of the word 'fortune'. The Chinese regard dogs as an auspicious animal with a very keen sense of understanding humans.  The Chinese believe that if a dog happens to come to your home, it symbolizes the coming of fortune.  Maybe because the characteristics of Dogs are persistence, meticulously attentive, responsible workers and seem to have good fortune in wealth. 

#YearOfTheRooster - Celebration has begun around the world!

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Good luck and great fortune



So awesome hearing from both private collectors and corporate interests again this year!  You've made my limited Chinese New Years linocut prints an annual ritual.  Thanks everyone for letting me be a part of your festivities!


Collect, Send and Share them throughout the year to celebrate your Special Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birth announcements and commemorative events. 


Email or call me direct anytime.
Details can be discussed for Large volume orders over 50 or more.
Samples are available for Corporate Interests.
(first 100 pc are already gone)

Email:  info@tamikobraun.com
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  • ArtCards @ 10euro/pc (28x19cm)+Envelopes.  Minimum 3 cards per order + shipping.
  • Purchase a Gift Box Set of 5 cards and get free shipping worldwide.
  • ArtCards @ 8euro/pc (23,2x17cm)+Envelopes.  Minimum 3 cards per order + shipping.
  • Purchase a Gift Box Set of 5 cards and get free shipping worldwide.
  • ArtPostcards @ 5 euro/pc. Minimum 3 cards per order + shipping.
  • Purchase a Gift Box Set of 5 postcards and get free shipping worldwide.
  • Apply Special Promotion Code (see below) and receive 10% off total purchase.
  • See specifications "About the cards" below.
  • Paypal accepted, Bank Transfer only in Germany
  • Shipment takes approx 1-2 biz days in Germany, 5-7 biz days worldwide