Cristina Countas & TAM!k0 Art

Weaving the Magic-Artist Synergies.

 I was frantic working in my studio when out of the blues I received a Skype call from Cristina.  I was spending days in and days out, long months on end prior to an upcoming exhibition, working endlessly on my 5 Element Series.  It was something so deep within me I was very eager to put on canvas visually how I was feeling inside about metamorphoses or how I found "nothing is constant but the change".  Well, from what I'm writing, you can believe it then when I was at first totally oblivious to what Cristina was telling me (maybe it was all the mixed media fumes getting to my head)... After I zoned back into and onto this planet, Cristina then told me what she had scecretly made just for me.  I couldn't hold back the tears.  A few days laters, just as she promised, I received then her surprise pre-birthday package containing one of the most amazing hand made gifts I had ever received:  a felted silk scarf with superfine Australian merino woven shawl is so lovingly handmade by Cristina Countas in her atelier in Cypress. She had taken 2 of my paintings she liked and creatively transferred the colors and look into another medium!

Wearing her work and being wrapped in such beautiful colors, textures and patterns, I feel like ART itself, it makes me feel proud and special. Thank you so much Cristina Countas at for helping me make my Opening Night on 22.Nov.2013 at my Baden-Baden Exhibition extra special!  

About Cristina Countas' Designs:  All work is hand crafted using only the finest quality materials, superfine Australian merino wool, 100% pure silk chiffon, silk paj, silk organza and silk tops. The timeless elegance and originality of the collection is enhanced by long lasting quality (each item comes with an aftercare label).